Mail Services


We offer same day full service mail processing of U.S.P.S mail including letters, flats, parcels, priority mail, express mail, media mail, international letters, flats and parcels, as well as U.P.S parcel shipping. It’s nice and convenient to ship UPS from your desk but we rate shop for you and receive “commercial based” pricing from U.S.P.S. which can save your department money. All parcels (U.S.P.S. and U.P.S) are shipped using dimensional weight. Length X width X height/166= Dimensional weight. If larger than actual weight, dimensional weight applies.

Domestic and international mail must be separated. All International parcels MUST have a customs form. (Up to 4lbs, small customs form, 4lbs and over larger customs form) We carry forms for your convenience. Call and we can send some in campus mail. Sealed and unsealed mail must be separated. We can seal for you but you must present your mail with the flaps closed. All mail must have a department account number with a facing slip or department account written under the return address. We are not responsible for personal mail. We will gladly place it with our outgoing mail but can’t be responsible if it is missing postage. If mailing a PARCEL please print legibly and we will prepare a bar-coded tracking label for you.

If mailing more than 3 packages please refer to:

In Advance, there is an installed report (click on the beach ball) called “Pitney Bowes Address Printing”.  It accepts a clipboard as input and creates a file that works with the Pitney Bowes mailing software in the Mail Room.  Departments other than OCR, since you do not have access to Advance, we can send you the template to use.

We are open from 8:00 to 4:00 and mail is collected by the U.S.P.S. and U.P.S. normally by 3:30 daily. Subject to change.

Questions about mail? Call X4369

[email protected] or call Kim at X4806 or Cate @ X4369