Course Packets

Please refer to important emails that were sent regarding covid-19 related changes in our production of course reading packets.

Spring and fall term course reading packet instructions can be found at: on the Dean of the Faculty site under the TEACHING tab. Complete the order form in the link and an email will automatically be sent to [email protected]. This is a google form which will require you to login to Google if you aren’t already. This form guides you through attaching your course packet and cover sheet, if you have one.  This form is ONLY for spring and fall course packets. All other printing can be emailed to [email protected]

We prefer your packet submitted at your earliest possible up to a month before classes start but you will never be turned away for later submissions. Please inspect your packet closely since it will print exactly how you send it to us. Be sure all your pages are scanned at 8½ by 11, nothing smaller or larger.

The Office of Print & Mail sends course reading packet charges to the controller’s office to be added to the student’s term bill.

The course reading packet room is located at the Class of ’37 House at 51 Park Street and is open all semester M-F 9:00 to 3:00. Packets are filed according to the first listing on the COVER of the packet.

EXAMPLE: AMST 332/COMP 339/LATS 335/ THEA 322/WGSS 330 would be listed under our A section of American Studies. It’s helpful to tell the student ASK for AMST 332.

EXAMPLE: LEAD 205/ HIS 377 would be listed in our L section under LEADERSHIP STUDIES 205

With the multiple cross listings this makes the most sense and while students may see it listed otherwise when registering, we have it filed as first discipline listed on the cover above.